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GRAVITYGroup Strength (GGS)
GRAVITYGroup Strength is a small group training session (4 units available) that challenges all major muscle groups for an unbelievable total body workout.  GGS is designed to be extremely efficient, fatiguing multiple muscle groups in a short 30-minutes, allowing you to build strength in half the traditional time.  Each participant selects his/her desired level of resistance during the workout, while enjoying the challenge and camaraderie of other members.  GRAVITYGroup Strength sessions are offered at both Laurelhurst & Queen Anne ProRobics.

GRAVITYGroup Pilates (GGP)
GRAVITYGroup Pilates is also a small group 30-minute training session incorporating Pilates traditional and evolved methodology, applied to the GTS system.  As with other mind-body formats this is a barefoot workout and will focus on the development of core strength and stability, flexibility and developing overall precision and control of movement throughout the entire body.  GGP sessions will utilize a variety of specialized accessories designed for this specific training and the GTS, including telescoping toe bars and leg pulleys for a total body workout.  Previous experience with Pilates mat classes is suggested, but all members will benefit from the uniqueness of this training system.  GRAVITYGroup Pilates is currently being offered at Laurelhurst ProRobics only.

GRAVITYPersonal Training
Interested members can receive an individually designed GRAVITY workout in private or semiprivate sessions on the GTS with a certified GRAVITY trainer.  These 30 minute intensive sessions can focus on a variety of training from sports specific (ex. skiing, golf, dance, tennis), weight loss, post injury rehab and Pilates.

Please ask at the Front Desk for a contact list of GRAVITY
trainers currently scheduling private sessions.

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GRAVITY Schedule

Start the new year with GravityGroup Strength or Pilates workouts.

JULY 2011 Laurelhurst GravityGroup Schedule (206) 524-9246
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday  Friday Saturday Sunday
  8:30am  GGS     8:30am   GGS    
        9:10am   GGS    
          9:30am   GGS  
          10:10am   GGS 10:15am   GGP
5:30pm   GGS 5:30pm   GGP   5:30pm   GGS     10:45am   GGP
    6:00pm   GGS        
6:30pm   GGS
JULY 2011 Queen Anne GravityGroup Schedule (206) 283-2303
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday  Friday Saturday Sunday
  6:30am   GGS          
  7:00am   GGS   7:00am   GGS      
10:45am   GGS   10:45am   GGS   10:45am   GGS    
5:30pm   GGS   6:00pm   GGS        

 GRAVITYGroup Strength (GGS)        GRAVITYGroup Pilates (GGP)

GRAVITYPersonal Training

How Does It Work?

The GTS (Gravity Training System is a gravity-based machine that encourages functional exercise using your own body weight as resistance by utilizing a cable and pulley system and free-motion glideboard.

Adjustable to 8 levels of resistance, the machine engages all major muscle groups and facilitates a multitude of strength training, core and stretching exercises.

The use of body weight as the resistive factor against gravity produces an individualized workout environment that one can progressively increase in intensity as strength and performance improve.

Its multi-plane movement patterns and sports-specific nature will enhance dynamic stability and improve human performance.  This unique design makes GRAVITY accessible to all age groups and physical fitness and experience levels.

All Gravity Group training sessions are 30 minutes long.

Participants can purchase a single session or a 10-Session Package (a savings of 25%) for GRAVITYGroup Strength, GRAVITYGroup Pilates and GRAVITYPersonal Training.  Please call the club for GRAVITY price information.

GRAVITYPersonal Training is scheduled through the individual GRAVITY personal trainer.  Please ask the Front Desk for contact list of GRAVITY trainers currently scheduling sessions.  Each trainer will charge an additional fee for private and semi-private sessions.

Advanced reservations required for GRAVITYGroup Strength and Pilates sessions.  Reservations can be made up to two weeks in advance.

Wait lists are available for full GRAVITYGroup Strength and Pilates sessions.  Drop-ins welcome if space is available.

There is a 24-hour cancellation policy.  An individual will be charged for a missed workout.